Clotheslines: A 21st Century Upgrade

The clothes we wear often come to be a reflection of who we are, what we’re about, and what we do.  Our clothes show our best selves. They keep us comfortable.  They help us look professional.  They allow us flexibility when we work out.  A shirt and a blouse tend to be more than just a shirt and a blouse.  Regardless of what purpose it serves or what job you do or what brands you wear, the one commonality is the need to keep those pieces clean and fresh!

Before we even had washers and dryers, the standard to cleaning these items was to do it all by hand, wash clothes in a sink or tub, lay them out or hang them in the breeze to dry.  Convenience was really the main purpose to the invention of clothes dryers. Aside from the convenience of the dryer, it has its drawbacks, drawbacks that are corrected when we revert back to the traditional method of hanging clothes out to dry.

The Shrinkage of Our Best Pieces

One of the biggest perks to hanging clothes on a clothesline to dry comes from the ever-inconvenient problem of having our favorite shirts shrink two sizes in the dryer.  Although it may take a significantly longer time to dry, the fact that when we hang our pieces on a clothesline to dry eliminates the possibility of shrinkage.  Along with the potential for certain fabrics to shrink when placed in the dryer, there are also the fabrics that can’t endure the heat and tumble of a dryer anyways.  Clothes that are made of delicate fabrics like silk or satin can become ruined from the heat and tumble.

Cost-Effectiveness of Clotheslines

Dryer machines can cost hundreds of dollars, even going up into the thousands for elite machines. Clotheslines are not only significantly less expensive, but they’re also going to cost a user less when it comes to electricity and repairs. Considering dryers usually need to run about an hour for a normal load, that’s added energy costs.  Not to mention the cost of the energy, but this also brings up the cost to the environment, as utilizing energy requires electricity.  When it comes to the need for repairs that also comes with most machines, a clothesline also eliminates that area of concern. Why bother with needing to fix things when you go with the ease and simplicity of a clothesline!

Eliminate the Need for Ironing

When using clothes in a tumble dryer machine, many of them often need to be ironed afterward, because of the wrinkles that fall into place during the tumbling and heat process.  So not only do you have to wash your laundry, but then you also have to hook up and use the iron to make sure everything is nice and presentable.  With a clothesline, clothes are hung straight and are ready to wear as soon as they are dry!

While yes, the use of a clothesline may take a tad longer to dry your clothes than the use of a tumble-dryer, it also eases the burden and load financially and environmentally and preserves the fabrics you wear!  Consider switching to a clothesline and discover how much easier and guilt-free the washing of your clothes becomes.

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