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Ecodry Retractable Clothesline Australia
Portable vs Retractable vs Electric dryer Welcome to Eco Dry clotheslines. Here is where your entire burden about laundry drying will be taken over by us. Need a clothesline that’s not going to cost the earth but is still great quality? The homework has all been done for you. Eco Dry stands to its Commitment to develop a unique portable clothesline with adjustable heights, castor wheels and line tensioning system, which could be used by all, including children, and people who are wheel chair bound. There are many benefits of a portable clothesline/ Airer as apposed to Retractable or fixed clotheslines. Portable Clotheslines  & Airer can be moved into different locations as needed. Portable clotheslines are sometimes referred to as ‘indoor clotheslines’ or ‘clothes airers’. They can be  used for both winter and summer drying, as a secondary drying option or for those who have very little yard space and also prefer not to use an Electric dryers

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